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Keeping up with state and local environmental requirements can be a challenge. Many states have prepared excellent information resources, and offer forms and other materials on line. But first you have to find them.

HERC has prepared state resource locators for a range of topics to help you find important environmental compliance information specifically for your state. Here are the locators now ready for use:


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RCRA/Hazardous Waste Resource Locator

The rules for managing hazardous waste can vary from state to state. Find your state's regulations, along with permit forms, guidance, contact information and other helpful resources.

Air Pollution State Regulations Locator Tool

Find state and regional regulatory agencies and rules covering topics such as open burning, smoke and dust.

Universal Waste Resource Locator Tool

Some common items (batteries, pesticides, etc.) may be exempt from hazardous waste rules. Find out which items are designated as Universal Wastes in your state, link to state regulations, and local contacts at state agencies for more information.

Asbestos State Regulations Locator Tool

Find state and regional regulatory agencies and rules covering asbestos.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Learn how medical wastes are regulated in your state. Link to the rules and compliance resources and locate persons you can contact in your state agency for additional assistance.

Construction & Demolition Debris State Regulations Locator Tool

Locate regulatory information and other compliance assistance and P2 resources for your state.

Find out how health and safety laws are implemented in your state, link to the standards, and learn about available programs that assist with compliance.


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