Raw Material Use and Handling

More efficient utilization of raw materials will reduce losses and unnecessary waste generation:

  • Ensure that employees:
    • Use supplies only for their intended purpose
    • Use only the amount necessary
    • Have access to MSDS as required by OSHA rules.
  • Keep frequently used hazardous materials near the site of use to minimize spills/accidents
  • Provide transfer methods which prevent spills and quality problems:
    • Pipelines for intermediate transfer
    • Gravity spigot or pump to dispense bulk liquid materials
    • A spout and funnel for transferring liquids to different containers
    • Proper connection/disconnection of hoses and lines
  • Control access to hazardous raw materials:
    • Designate central personnel to distribute materials
    • Limit access to employees trained in hazardous materials handling and who understand the importance of first-in first-out policy
  • Keep records of when and why larger spills occurred in order to identify spill prevention opportunities and document related costs


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