Compliance Summary Tool for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

How many times have you asked yourself -- Do I need an operating permit? Do I have recordkeeping and reporting requirements adequately covered? Can I dispose of this waste into a dumpster? Where can I find specific regulatory information in my state?

Environmental regulations affect every business that generates solid wastes, discharges wastewater, emits air pollutants or has the potential to cause environmental harm from stored petroleum products or chemicals. How do I deal with all of this?

This tool will help you answer these and other questions you may have. Using the tool you will be able to generate a customized compliance assistance checklist for your assisted living or nursing home community. First, select the state where your facility is located, answer each of the questions below and click the "Obtain a Compliance Assistance Report" at the bottom of the form.

In which state is your assisted living or nursing home community located?


Are any of the following activities or items present at your assisted living/nursing care community?




Boiler rated above 10 MMBtu/hr (2.9 megawatts).

Building renovation.

Generators for emergency power.

Green space (e.g., lawns, parks, trees).

Heating oil storage tanks with capacity greater than 1,320 gals.

New construction (e.g., buildings, parking lots).

Vehicle maintenance activities.

Refrigeration and/or HVAC systems.

Are any of the following wastes generated at your assisted living/nursing care community?




Batteries (Ni-Cd)

Florescent light bulbs

Hazardous waste (e.g., unused paint/solvent, chemicals, pesticides)

Medical/infectious waste (sharps, blood, isolation waste, pathological waste)

Mercury containing devices (e.g., thermostats, thermometers)

Pharmaceuticals (e.g., unused meds)

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