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Each year, waste from new construction, renovation and demolition projects generates over 20 percent of Vermont’s trash. That adds up to 90,000 tons of construction and demolition waste (C&D) which ends up in landfills each year. Additionally, Vermont has some of the highest waste disposal costs in the country. Fees range between $65.00 to over $100.00 per ton and it’s not expected to get any cheaper. Vermont has created a Construction Waste Reduction web page that describes a range of resources to help prevent and reduce waste during construction, renovation, deconstruction, and demolition and save money in the process.

Primary State Agency: Agency of Natural Resources

Other Resources
  • Planning for Waste Reduction Planning for waste reduction, even before a project starts, is the best way to insure materials can be used most efficiently and to save money. The intent of this site is to help contractors evaluate all options for preventing and reducing their project wastes by developing and implement a Waste Reduction Plan.
  • Guide to Reducing Vermont's Construction Waste Guide to Reducing Vermont's Construction Waste with links to: Fall 2002 Waste Reduction Grants Available Salvaged walk-in cooler doors, McFarland House renovation, Barre, VT. Engelberth Construction Corp. Vermont Markets for Reusable, Salvaged and Recyclable Materials New Hampshire Markets Massachusetts Markets ANR Waste Reduction Plan - ACT 250 permit application, schedule B, criterion 1B (o) - State Buildings and General Services Recycling Planning Calculating the Cost Effectiveness of Job Site Recycling Contract Specification Language for Job Site Waste Reduction Planning for Waste Reduction Vermont Jobsite Case Studies Green Building Resources Links to other states & National Associations Vermont Construction Waste Management Reports Vermont Business Materials. Exchange
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